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Venture Capital Litigation

Handling Venture Capital Litigation in California, New York and Beyond

Shustak Reynolds & Partners, P.C. has substantial experience representing venture capitalists in litigation concerning the various corporate documents and agreements under Delaware law that are typically entered into through multiple rounds of venture capital investments, such as Certificates of Incorporation, Voting Agreements, Investor Rights Agreements, Stock Purchase Agreements and Right of First Refusal and Co-Sale Agreements--documents and agreements that tend to be relatively standardized, as they are typically created based on the set of model documents created by the National Venture Capital Association.  

Partner Paul Reynolds recently represented a well-known venture capitalist in a long and hard-fought litigation that included three separate preliminary injunction motions, two interlocutory appeals to the Ninth Circuit and extensive summary judgment motions; his client ultimately prevailed in full.  The case concerned issues relating to liquidation preferences, automatic conversion rights, the respective duties of majority and minority shareholders as they relate to the preferences afforded preferred shareholders, the parties' rights and obligations under voting agreements (including under the covenant of good faith and fair dealing) and issues relating to the transferability of shares.  

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