Listen to Erwin Shustak’s Timely Podcast on “Other People’s Money - The Rise of Fraud in the Crypto & NFT Worlds”


Cryptocurrency and NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) are in the news every day, especially during these turbulent economic times. Prices have skyrocketed and, just as quickly, crashed, in the wild, unregulated world of Crypto.  While the news is filled with stories of promoters of Crypto and NFTs making fortunes, for every success story there is a corresponding story of great loss and fraud in the unregulated world of these highly touted “investments”.

For some insight into why we caution our clients to tread very carefully in the Crypto/NFT world, listen to our partner, Erwin Shustak, on the podcast, "In House Warrior, with Host Richard Levick", published by Corporate Counsel Business Journal, titled “Other People’s Money – The Rise of Fraud in the Crypto & NFT Worlds With Erwin Shustak, Managing Partner of Shustak Reynolds & Partners.”



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